Hidden Battery Ebike



Eecycle Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated high-tech enterprise which includes design, production, sales and service of bicycle & electric bicycle. Our factory is located in Dongli district of Tianjin, beside Tianjin Binhai international airport, and only 30km away from Tianjin station and Tianjin port, can help you save some domestic freight.

We have 12 domestic and international patented technologies about bicycle & electric bicycle (including appearance patent, utility model patent and invention patent etc

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  • About Folding E-bike: All You Need to Know

    About Folding E-bike: All You Need to Know


    This article will discuss the folding e-bikes. The information is also helpful to hasten your decision-making process.The foldable E-bike fits for any terrain; this electric bicycle is growing in popularity since it is not only economical but also exciting and delightful to ride in a range of env...

  • What Kind of E-bike Frame Should I get?


        Importance of an E-bike frame When purchasing or building an e-bike, it is extremely important to consider what type of frame to purchase. The material and frame design of the e-bike will influence its durability, shock absorption, stability, and load capacity.   What are some ...

  • High Performance Off-Road Crossover Electric Bicycle

    High Performance Off-Road Crossover Electric Bicycle


    We have launched a new model– AQL CROSSOVER! Looks different from regular electric bike. Our design philosophy is to combine the look of a motorcycle with a e-bike. Developed a stylish and sporty off-road electric bicycle, developed for maximum performance.   What are the parameters ?...

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